Medical Aesthetic Training at the PTC

Testimonials about PTC Training

I took the PTC course to augment my income without increasing my overhead. I'm overwhelmed by the number of clients that I've treated, and keep coming back to maintain their appearance.

Karl P.
MD (Winnipeg, MB)

I took the PTC course because it promised to give the time to gain confidence in injecting. I made the correct decision, because I was extremely competent, immediately after completing the course. My income has increased 50% since I began injecting.

Maria S.
MD (Calgary, Alberta)

The staff at PTC were extremely patient and competent. They took the time to ensure that I had the confidence to be an excellent injector. I injected 8 of my friends the week after completing the course. They are all thrilled and have referred their friends and acquaintances to me.

Kim G.
RN (San Diego, California)

I always enjoyed the practise of Medicine. The added revenue I make by injecting Botox and Restylane allows me the time I never had previously for patients without compromising my income.

Brad D.
MD (Edmonton, Alberta)